Redefining Workspaces

Our Vision

Create world-class products to help professional run businesses efficiently, with ease.

Our Mission

Build the best Digital Platform(s) using the latest technology and design-priciples

Our Guiding Principles

  • Redefine a workspace for a professional and make it digital native
  • Build smart and intelligent systems and automate mundane, yet critical tasks
  • In the post-covid era, make it possible for professionals to manage and run their entire practice remotely
  • Build a workspace using plug and play reusable components
  • Commonolize functional components that are required across practices, like File / Document Management, etc.


CA Workspace

Coming Soon! A platform for tax professionals in India, to help them work efficiently.

CC Workspace

Coming Soon! A platform for College Consultancy Program, to collaborate meaningfully.

More to come!!!

Watch this space for more such products...

Reusable Functional Components

Smart & Intelligent Analytics

Insights to make the right decisions

Robust Project Management

Manage and track scheduled and adhoc tasks

Unified Client Management

Drives better client satisfaction

Organized Document Management

Facilitates secure exchange of information

Personalised Dashboards

Brings focus and improves productivity

Automated Workflow Management

Work smartly and efficiently

3rd Party Integration

Best-in-class apps to augment existing capabilities

Notification Management

Better response time to client and team

Secure Role-Based Access

Controlled access to both data and clients

Integrated Communication Platform

Zero e-mail clutter and improved communication

Lead Tracking

One-click to client conversion from tracking leads

and much more...

to build an integrated digital SaaS platform


Mother-Son duo behind this initiative...

Nidhi Jain

Co-Founder & CFO

Divyansh Jain

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO

About Us

Nidhi Jain CPA, being one of the most recognized and sought after CPA firm in the bay area, made Nidhi an extremely busy CPA during the tax season. Although the firm was on a home-grown efficient technology platform, it was far away from the needs and requirements of Nidhi, a tech-savvy CPA. She wanted to only focus on her client’s financial well-being leaving the rest of the tracking and practice management to the platform, but in vain. Having a varied experience, she realized that there is no platform available in the market that would solve her problems and meet her needs. She threw a challenge to her son, Divyansh, if he can help her achieve a dual mandate of a robust growth and maintain work-life balance, at the same time.

Being an accomplished programmer and a problem solver, Divyansh took up the challenge chin-up and built a complete working product within a record time of 6 months, satisfying and far exceeding the requirements of a very demanding CPA. His design was so adaptive, that the mother-son duo wanted to “productize” the platform and help ease the life of all practising CPA. It gave birth to a product conceptualized by a CPA for the Tax Professionals.

This product was built with a completely modular design and multiple components. So they realized that most professions would require these functional components, especially in the post-pandemic world. So why not create multiple products with the same design principles in mind. So one idea led to the other.

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